iPads in the Legislature? How about in your meetings?

They’re not just debating the issues in the Vermont legislature; they’re debating how to debate.  This story describes how a state legislative committee chair was taking real-time cues about facts and issues via his iPad as he was answering questions in open assembly.

Does your business operate in real time?  When you meet or present to stakeholders, or large groups of employees, at least some are surfing to check your facts while you speak, or reference past statements of yours, or pull up competitors’ claims.  They may even bring you news that’s just hit the wire, and ask for your response.

You don’t to be prepared for every eventuality.  But you do need to practice how to make extemporaneous responses.  Your presentation style will need to flex between conversational and formal. When you show that you’re comfortable and confident, that’s arguably the largest part of your message.

So: do you know how to feel comfortable and confident?


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