Communication is when people understand

At the same time companies are feeling a crush of internal communication, some functions say there isn’t enough (see this survey).  Of course, “Communication” (the formal, planned messaging that’s generated from the top) isn’t the same as the routine communication that people need to feel plugged-in, valued and effective.

Note that this is an Accountemps survey of CFOs — interesting because finance functions are especially attuned to whether employees understand the workings of the business.  When they do, departments make better budget decisions (and better budgets), T&E keeps from ballooning out of control, and new-business proposals are smarter.  Finance, like everybody else, hates feeling like they’re either an internal cop or continually cleaning up messes.  Clear communication helps keep that from happening.
Do the branding, do the promotion, do the employee engagement.  But don’t neglect advising line leaders on their day-to-day communications methods and styles.  When people feel they’re getting clear, ongoing communication from leaders and managers, they do less re-work and they get excited by forward momentum.  That’s a benefit worth more than an in-house masseuse, every time.
Is your communication team helping you with this?


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