Your employee’s new world

This fairly simple graphic from the Corporate Executive Board — in their usual, elegant style — says it all. This is the big change that has occurred to everyone working in organizations: matrixed relationships.

Multiple accountabilities, multiple influencers . . . and the task of integrating it all falls to the employee as it never has before.

The implications of this shift for corporate communications are enormous.  You can no longer assume that the voice of senior leadership is the most important voice to hear.  Now senior leaders have to earn their credibility, not only through knowledge and relevance but also through acumen of how employees hear, learn, grow and act.  For executives formed in the old environment, operating in the new environment is not intuitive.

How would you support a leader to be effective in this new world?  You’d have to start by pointing to those new levers of influence that they can uniquely wield — authority, authenticity, clarity — and then consider how to deliver their particular insights in smaller and more surprising ways.

Is your leadership — are you — ready to do this?

Image from “The communicator’s new reality: Building an agile organization”
© 2012 The Corporate Executive Board Company.  All Rights Reserved.

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