Big Data being used by Small Minds?

This video clip form David Court at McKinsey takes the hot trend of Big Data down to brass tacks: Now that your business has its hands on more sophisticated data, are you sure your people are going to get the most out of it?

A number of things (pun intended) could happen.  One is that a range of functions seize implications from the data and have different ideas of what to do next.  Another is that your people have a lot of enthusiasm but not much skill or direction in using it.  The introduction of Big Data into an organization, by itself, isn’t going to guarantee results.

The norms for accessing, analyzing and acting upon sophisticated data have got to be considered elements of the corporate culture.  Those norms are going to illustrate very vividly what you really mean by shared leadership, by accountability, by quality and by team work.  And like every other culture shift, if the journey to the new culture is not thought through and planned out in advance, waste will be created (passive voice intended).

Have a look at the video and think through where, specifically, things could go very well or very wrong with the introduction of Big Data into your business.  Have you got the right transition planning team to accelerate success and realize benefits quickly?  (Hint: Is there a communicator on board?)