Executive presence: some people have it . . .

I’ve known a number of executive coaches, and their value is being able to customize their counsel to fit their client.  But if they had to boil down basic executive communication skills into a manageable list, this would be it.

This is the list you should print out and post nearby and commit to reading at least weekly for at least a year.  What I like about the list is that each tip is really a stand-in for an important aspect of executive leadership.  Why master a sense of humor?  Because it’s a sign that you are well-rounded, sensitive to appropriate topics of conversation and basically comfortable with other people.

This is also a great link to send along to your mentees or direct reports whom you’re counseling for advancement.

I take to heart the reminder to keep posture in mind when speaking in a group–which of these would you choose to work on?

Bonus content: here’s a list of ten communications mistakes, if you want to look at the dark side.  Both lists are from Forbes.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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